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Implode by Kabiscube
Implode and Explode are two pieces I did for an exhibition in Gerlesborg - Sweden where I wanted to focus on 
my personal shame in drawing certain things, primarily sexual and self hatred like themes. I did these two to
sort of force it out of me and into a place where a lot of people would both see and criticizes me.

I did about 45 or so drawings but after filtering out the less embarrassing drawings
I ended up with these 36 drawings.
To then further the shame, I arranged them in these exploded and imploded
100x70cm (39.4x27.6 inches) posters.

This entire project was incredibly hard to do, even the small things like sending them to a small local printing
company and then facing the old gentleman that had to print these and picking them up became a horrible
ordeal. But like I had hoped when starting this, When the actual exhibition had started, I didn't even feel
embarrassed about them. I was more focused on that the people who had hung the pieces had handled them
quite poorly, like my shit drawings wasn't from some unknown art student but some fancy pansy world famous artist.

So in general, I'm pretty dang happy about this project.

Sadly no one bought the prints thought.

I wonder if these would fit over my parents living room couch.
But that's for another level of shame.

Best wishes, A not overly so ashamed guy.

PS: I only managed to snag one really terribly unsharming photo of the posters during that exhibition.
But if you're curious, here's the link to it
Corrupted #01 by Kabiscube
Corrupted #01
I was just looking through things that needed to be uploaded that I haven't gotten around to yet and.. I found two images that have some how gotten corrupted.
But in my panic of "FUCK! Am I going to loose all my work I've ever done?!" I realized that this is actually a very complex and beautiful glitch that have happened.

Now I just have to figure out what has actually happened to these two images and if I need to invest in a new external HDD
'You Can't Mix That' by Kabiscube
'You Can't Mix That'
The Video:

I'm a mixed media art student, and I love pushing limits.
And I love the old and I love the new.
To me it's natural to not simply take the short step in what medium I'm mixing.

Mixing acrylic paint and oil paint?
It's simply not a challenge, so where's the fun in that?

Mixing mediums to me is not just using two things you like and
mixing them, but finding opposites and making them melt together into one.

Take this fountain dip pen nib from around 1930 for example,
a traditional calligraphy and illustration tool, mix that with digital art..
no that's too easy. Make it Glitch Art, Coding and destruction!
Now that's a Mixed Media challenge.

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dude, your art rocks!
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I just discovered your Youtube channel! Woah, watching you create your art is mesmerizing (and so much fun!)
Elhammo Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
love your weird style. your gallery is awesome :)
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